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  2. Hiring an attorney is unlike any other good or service you have purchased. The Attorney-Client relationship cannot be entered into without a conflict-of-interest check, a verification that we have both the requisite skills and availability to properly represent you, and a signed Attorney-Client Representation and Fee Agreement.

  3. The Representation and Fee Agreement spells out who the lawyer is, who the client is, the details of the legal representation, and how fees will be determined.

  4. Be careful in your communications: when communicating with us or any law firm, do so in person or by land-line or digitally-encrypted mobile phone. The use of e-mail should be restricted to non-sensitive information. The United States Government actively captures, stores, and analyzes EVERY e-mail that traverses the Internet. You have NO expectation of privacy in your emails, and therefore no confidentiality in using it.

  5. Don't wait--call now! One of the biggest causes of legal distress is procrastination. Many legal issues can be resolved easily, quickly, and at low cost. But doing nothing always leads to complications, waste of time, and increased costs.

  6. Finally, Ferry Legal, LLC and its employees will not knowingly represent citizens, residents, or entities domiciled or registered in the State of California. The State of California believes it can regulate the activities of Ohio attorneys. California residents should complain to their legislators about this breach of sovereignty and etiquette.


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