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  1. The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

  2. Hiring an attorney is unlike any other good or service you have purchased. Before any attorney may take your case, a conflict-of-interest check must be done, an evaluation of the case must be made (to see if the attorney has the time and skills for your particular matter), and an attorney-client Representation and Fee Agreement must be signed.

  3. The Representation and Fee Agreement spells out who the lawyer is, who the client is, the scale and scope of the legal representation, and how fees will be determined.

  4. Be very careful in your communications. To preserve your attorney-client confidentiality, you should talk to an attorney in-person, or use a land-line or digitally-encrypted mobile phone. E-mail is NOT a secure method of transmitting information. This is especially important if you are contacting us about any criminal matter, or any matter which you would not want disclosed to anybody. Furthermore, it is now well-understood that the Federal government captures, stores, and analyzes EVERY e-mail that traverses the Internet. Many state and local agencies collect your E-mails, too.

  5. Finally, Ferry Legal will not knowingly represent individuals or entities domiciled in the State of California.


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